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Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of the inter[tubes|blag|spheres]...

Mmm, let's see... INPO: I like serendipity, I am more than the sum of my deeds, I'm working to let my actions and my words agree (WIP), I like languages and linguistics, I like the power of the written word, I like to read and to hang out in libraries (L-space), I like to walk, to run, to travel, I'm a disciple, I fight for peace but I'm not a mercenary, I'm a saint and a sinner, I like music with meaning, I like silence, I want to share what I have received, I use libre software and contribute in various ways, I like decentralized and federated, I like the values of open access, I like samizdat instead of corporate-controlled media, I may or may not be a card-carrying member of the AUPSLOPTP and the MISPWOSO, I want to get to know how you feel and what you think, I want to build on the obstacles of my journey, I'm looking towards the future instead of dwelling on the past, I want to see beyond the surface, I'm a non-conformist so my story will always be bigger than your assumptions, I'm at the intersection of plenty of Venn diagrams, I like autonyms, I search for meaning in all the wrong places but I believe in a better way... Grace my feet and faith my eyes...

I challenge you to a battle of wits... can you pick the (cultural) reference? (fancy another one?)
" I don't think anyone should write their autobiography until after they're dead. "

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